Is Nick Carraway Gay
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Is Nick Carraway Gay?


Nick Carraway is a central character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby," which explores the decadence and moral corruption of the Jazz Age. Throughout the story, there have been discussions and debates about Nick Carraway's sexuality. In this article, we will delve into this topic and examine the various interpretations surrounding the question, "Is Nick Carraway gay?"

The Ambiguity of Nick Carraway's Sexuality

One of the reasons the question of Nick Carraway's sexuality arises is due to the ambiguous nature of his relationships within the novel. Fitzgerald intentionally leaves room for interpretation, allowing readers to project their own beliefs onto the character.

1. Nick's Relationship with Jordan Baker

Nick Carraway forms a romantic relationship with Jordan Baker, a professional golfer in the novel. Their connection is portrayed as complex, with moments of intimacy and emotional attachment. Despite this, their relationship lacks the depth and passion typically associated with traditional romantic relationships.

2. Nick's Observations of Jay Gatsby

Nick Carraway becomes infatuated with Jay Gatsby, the enigmatic and extravagant millionaire who lives next door. Carraway's admiration for Gatsby borders on obsession, leading some readers to question the nature of his fascination. Is it purely admiration or does it hint at something more?

3. Nick's Descriptions of Other Male Characters

Throughout the novel, Nick Carraway offers detailed descriptions of male characters, often highlighting their physical attributes. These descriptions, while not inherently indicative of his own sexuality, contribute to the discussions surrounding his sexual orientation.

Interpretations and Arguments

1. Nick Carraway as a Closeted Gay Man

One interpretation suggests that Nick Carraway is a closeted gay man, navigating the repressive social norms of the 1920s. This perspective argues that his relationships with Jordan Baker and Jay Gatsby are attempts to conceal his true sexual orientation.

2. Nick Carraway as a Bisexual Character

Another interpretation posits that Nick Carraway is a bisexual character. This argument suggests that his relationships with both Jordan Baker and Jay Gatsby reflect his capacity for emotional and romantic connections with individuals of different genders.

3. Nick Carraway as an Asexual Individual

There is also a viewpoint that Nick Carraway is an asexual individual, experiencing little to no sexual attraction towards others. This interpretation highlights his focus on observation and narration rather than pursuing sexual relationships.


Q: What evidence supports the idea that Nick Carraway is gay?

A: The evidence supporting this idea includes the ambiguity of his relationship with Jordan Baker, his intense fascination with Jay Gatsby, and his detailed descriptions of male characters.

Q: Why did F. Scott Fitzgerald leave Nick Carraway's sexuality open to interpretation?

A: Fitzgerald purposefully left Nick Carraway's sexuality open to interpretation to prompt discussions about societal norms, repression, and the complexities of human relationships.


The question, "Is Nick Carraway gay?" remains unanswered definitively in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby." The ambiguity surrounding Nick's relationships and the intentional openness of his character invite various interpretations. Whether he is a closeted gay man, a bisexual individual, or an asexual person, the discussions sparked by this question shed light on the societal context of the Jazz Age and the complexities of human sexuality.

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